"Looking for a mailbox in Amsterdam or at Schiphol Airport?"


A smooth daily routine can only be achieved by using effective and efficient procedures. Making sure that mail does not get lost, sending a bunch of flowers because of an employee’s birthday, the planning of deliveries: you know the drill, the details, their multitude, their variety, their importance at all times.  

BIMS is at your service to handle these vital details,  so you can keep your focus on your core business.  

When you do not have your own office, or when you don’t prefer to receive business mail at your visiting address; use the BIMS mailbox solution; convenient, secure and professional. We can offer you your own mailbox for a fixed tariff, with a mailbox address in Amsterdam or at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

We collect and handle your mail in accordance with your wishes. BIMS can process your received mail, scan and file it. If desired, we can forward your mail unopened to wherever you are or we can store it for you so you can pick it up at your convenience.

Mailbox Huib

Keeping track of orders and deliveries or administrative control of the transportation process from beginning to end: These are serious matters which you don’t easily outsource.

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Do you – either periodically or permanently – need an address to take in or hand out forms, materials or manuals and such? BIMS can be your right-hand man.

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Facility Mieke

An up to date and well organised (online) file per employee in which contracts and other records can be easily recovered; BIMS offers you peace of mind on all HR related tasks.

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