"We are Bas; your Business Assistant!"

Business Infrastructure Management Schiphol, simply BIMS, is an all-round service company located in the vicinity of always lively Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.  

Business infrastructure concludes all processes and actions around your company’s core business.  Usually, these non-core tasks are administrational, secretarial or back-office related , but it may also be a work overload due to temporary or permanent projects. 

BIMS puts the client in full focus. We are at your service, we take care of your hassle, we administer, organise and care as if it were our own. Because your sore business is our core business.

As a result, you can concentrate fully on what really matters: your business.

Our team

The BIMS team is an ambitious group of both eager young and broadly experienced older professionals and our mission statement is that we are not satisfied unless you are. Each of us has his or her own specialty next to our shared characteristic: being a service provider in heart and soul.


I am Huib

“Working swiftly and accurate, that’s my style. Furthermore, I advocate to simplify business processes as much as possible. Which, of course, is beneficial for everyone at the table.”


I am Annelies

“It is my pleasure to take care of our client’s personnel files, maintenance of personnel records as well as managing the associated regulations and insurances. Furthermore I am the one welcoming new clients; let’s meet for a cup of coffee soon.”


I am Tahir

“Reports, tax declarations, fiscal advice: I am always ready to support the client. I have been serving clients from BIMS for a long time and I am familiar with all the ins and outs."


I am Margreet

“Precise and with attention for detail, that’s how clients describe me. My flawless payroll administration, well organised accounting and punctual payments create happy customers and a happy me: a win-win situation.”


I am Anita

“Tracking accounts and ensure that these are impeccable, that’s what matters. With ad hoc problem solving and matching loose ends, I’m like a duck to water!”


I am Vincent

“Preparing flawless annual reports and sparring about the best solutions for our various clients: that’s my drive!”


I am Geert

“Many years of experience in facility management ( CFM, CFMJ) gave me both a client as well as a goal oriented working style. With my helicopter view I am able to quickly spot gaps and weaknesses in a business structure or process.”


I am Mieke

“Dot the i’s and cross the t’s, that is me at my very best. Secretarial work, including agenda management of CEO and MT clients, that’s my cup of tea; language and text in all forms are my specialty.”

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